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I am a Visual Designer and Motionagrapher. I have been designing for print, web and in motion for 3+ years!


Graphic Design (Theory, Color, Design) - Design Alive, 2015-16
Computer Graphics (PS, Ai, ID, Print) - Design Alive, 2015-16
Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress) - Design Alive, 2016-17
Motion Graphics (Pr, Ae, C4D, Video Editing) - Design Alive School for Creative Design, 2016-17
Intro to MoGraph - School of Motion
Practice, many online resources, and motivation.


TAG School Videos (Feb, 2018 - current) - Video covering many significant
historical events from throughout the year. Several school videos for Yom Iyun, and other school events.
Web Management (2016-current) - maintaining
HaKupah HaMerkazit Tel Tzion - Rosh Hashana Campaign
L&J Quality (2018) - Created and editing Amazon multiple product images.
Agudas Yisroel St. Louis Shul Video (2018) - an 8-minute video honoring a prominent member of the community.
St. Louis Kollel (2018) - Banquet video, featuring the many aspects of the community.
The Heimishe Bus, Monsey (2018) - logo and ads
Web Design (May, 2017- June, 2018) - redesign for Multi-size screens, email templates, web banners, promos and more.
Al Pi Darko Book Cover (2017) - designed the cover for Al Pi Darko, by Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg. Published by Feldheim Publishers.
Little Rumpus (2017) - packaging, card inserts, and amazon product images for Little Rumpus, an Amazon company.
Extra-Curricular Acitivities Booklet (2016, 2017, 2018) - booklet includes catalog pages, flyers and more, for elementary school Ohr Eliyahu in LA.
Home Comfort (2017) - designed logo, packaging, and Amazon product images for Home Comfort products.
Web Design (2017) - designed and built, as well as
Machaneh Shiras Devorah and Camp Tubby (2016) - postcard designs
Monograms (2016) - designed several monograms for wedding invitations and bentchers. Meatzvim, Corporate Identity (2015) - including logo, letterhead and
envelope for Meatzvim, based in Israel.
Al Hadaka (2015) - Corporate Identity for Al Hadaka Transportation, UK
Chuppah Cards and Tefilos Pamphlet (2015) - work for Graphic Designer
Malka Frankel


Shalva is a graphic designer as well as video editor/motion graphics artist. Shalva just completed a video for our annual shul dinner. In an exceptionally short term turnaround time, Shalva was able to create a beautiful video highlighting our honorees... She is wonderful to work with: timely, reasonably priced and of absolutely wonderful disposition. And of course, she is exceptionally talented and put together a video that really shook up the room. I hope you will find a reason to use her skills. If anything, she’s a great person to know!” - DH
“What a success! The video was an absolute sensation! They LOVED it. It was one of the highlights of the evening. You did a spectacular job! A million thank you's!” - AB
"Shalva has helped us with many of our design needs and we can definitely recommend her." - RNH
"Just great! You’re amazing! Thank you so much!" - PB
“Shalva did an absolutely outstanding job! The video has clarity, subtlety, and gets the point across exactly in the manner in which I wanted." - NM
“You are a superstar! Absolutely phenomenal. You are an artist and a magician! Can you feel all of my hugs through this email? Forever grateful!” - SLS

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