Chaya S


I am a hardworking responsible and diligent individual. I am known as an honest, flexible and easy to work with employee. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and getting things done, which led me to an interest in Bookkeeping, which I then studied in 2014-15 in addition to being in seminary at the time. As a result of my AAT Bookkeeping studies I have a good understanding of the subject and I am familiar with the English Bookkeeping program – SAGE. I am a quick interested learner and willing to study the workings of additional programs if necessary. I am looking to progress in this field. I am available flexible hours.

I have over a years experience working with quick-books within a bookkeeping company that services multiple small and medium businesses.


- (2013 - 2016) Jewish Teachers Training college 50 Bewick Road Gateshead
- (2009 – 2013) Gateshead Jewish High School 4-7 Gladstone Terrace Gateshead


2017 -2018  - A/R A/P bookkeeper for NY company servicing multiple businesses
Experience in Bank Downloads, Bank Reconciliations, Data entry, Invoicing, receiving CC payments, following up on late payments and creating weekly reports among other bookkeeping requirements using Quick books and Excel. Regular office work including fielding phone calls emails and filing docs.

- Processing Bookkeeping Transactions
- Control Accounts, Journals and The Banking System
- Basic Costing
- Work Effectively in Accounting and Finance
- Computerized Accounting (SAGE)
- Maths A*
- Art A*
- Modern Hebrew A*
- Biblical Hebrew A
- Geography B
- English C
· ICT Distinction
- ICT Skills For business
- Creating Computer Graphics
- Desktop Publishing

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