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Rivky SPromoted


I am a hard-working and efficient person who uses my own initiative to get jobs done. I am willing to develop new skills whilst strengthening those I already possess. I have good organizational skills, a logical approach to problems and ability to work under pressure.

Simcha RPromoted


Basic bookkeeping work, prepare cash book analysis, Summary and analysis of expenses and agent statements

Chaya S


I am a hardworking responsible and diligent individual. I am known as an honest, flexible and easy to work with employee. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and getting things done, which led me to an interest in Bookkeeping, which I then studied in 2014-15 in addition to being in seminary at the time. As a result of my AAT Bookkeeping studies I have a good understanding of the subject and I am familiar with the English Bookkeeping program – SAGE. I am a quick interested learner and willing to study the workings of additional programs if necessary. I am looking to progress in this field. I am available flexible hours.