What is Search Freelance?

Search Freelance is an online platform connecting employers and freelancers/ employees around the world.


Why use Search Freelance?

  • Our user friendly interface allows you to find quality freelancers and employees the easy way
  • Search Freelance offers a unique, personal service. Just tell us your requirements for your project/ long term/ short term position and search freelance will filter candidates and find the best match for you requirements. Once we have found the perfect candidate, Search freelance will then negotiate with the candidate on your behalf
  • It is absolutely FREE for employers to sign up
  • Employers will be able to see candidates full profiles (including CV’s and portfolios) without having to sign up.

How can I be sure that I will be getting a quality freelancer?

  • All our freelancers go through an application process. Search Freelance only accept quality freelancers onto our website.

How can I be sure I will be getting a quality candidate for long or short term positions?

You can: 

  • Post your requirements to us and have our team work on finding the perfect candidate for you (including filtering, screening, referencing, interviews and negotiations).
  • Browse candidates in the category you are interested in, once you have found a candidate that looks suitable for your requirements, our dedicated team at Search Freelance will step in and see to all referencing, interviews and negotiations for you.

Search Freelance sounds great! But what will this cost me?

  • It’s absolutely FREE to browse candidates, sign up and message freelancer through our site
  • It is absolutely FREE to have Search Freelance work on finding the perfect candidate for you. Just let us know your requirements and sit back whilst Search Freelance find the perfect candidate for you.

Once connected to a candidate you agree to go ahead with:

Freelance projects – Upon payment there will be a 6% processing fee


What Are Milestone Payments?

An agreement can be made between employer and freelancer to pay per hour as opposed to per project. In such a case freelancer and employer will agree on a milestone and a rate per milestone (for example: Employer will pay £50 to freelancer for every 5 hours of work). Freelancer will then set the agreed rate for the milestone. Payment for each milestone will be made by the employer at the start of the milestone. This payment will be held by ‘Search freelance’ until we have received confirmation from both employer and freelancer that the milestone has been reached (click the finalize button). Once we have received confirmation ‘Search Freelance’ will then release the payment for that milestone to the freelancer. Freelancer will then set the agreed rate for the next milestone and move forward to the next milestone.


What is Search Freelance?

Search Freelance is an online platform connecting employers and candidates around the world. Individuals or businesses can search, find and hire skilled candidates in any area on a freelance, short or long term basis.

Why use Search Freelance?

Search Freelance offers a constant source of freelance , short/ long term job opportunities without the trouble and expense of advertising

  • Very low membership fees
  • Easy and simple contact with employers through our messaging board
  • Post your CV and portfolio on your profile to increase chances of being discovered by potential employers

Why be a freelancer?

Freelancing offers many advantages to motivated individuals, including setting your own hours, days off and just being your own boss.

Will my profile be among hundreds of others? If so how will employers find me?

  • All candidates interested in joining our website (as a freelancer) go through a registration process, Search Freelance will accept candidates of high standard giving our freelancers a good chance of being discovered
  • Option of selecting a higher membership to be placed high on the list

If I am contacted by an employer do I have to take the job on?

No – You always have the option of refusing. Before accepting a project ensure that you go over all the project details. If you are concerned about anything communicate with employer and resolve before committing.

How do I get paid?

This depends on the size of the project.

Small projects (under £150) – Employer will pay the full amount at the start of the project, Search Freelance will immediately pay the freelancer 50% and will hold the remaining 50% until the completion of the project.

Larger projects (£150 +) – To avoid risks for both parties, payments for larger projects will be made using our milestone payment scheme.

Employer and freelancer will set milestones (for example – Employer will pay freelancer £50 for every 5 hours of work). Employer will pay for each set milestone at the beginning of the milestone. Search Freelance will hold payment and pay freelancer at the end of each milestone.


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