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Rivky SPromoted


I am a hard-working and efficient person who uses my own initiative to get jobs done. I am willing to develop new skills whilst strengthening those I already possess. I have good organizational skills, a logical approach to problems and ability to work under pressure.

Anne B


Certified and experienced bookkeeper, set up on Excel analysed incomes expenditures, cross reference to invoices/receipts within the financial year. Bank reconciliation statement. Reliable accurate typist.

Blimele B


Experienced travel agent with a passion to sell. Hard working, multi tasking outstanding telephone skills. Experienced in sales and customer service functions.

Bruchi M


I have a lot of office experience and am very efficient and quick when it comes to answering phone calls and computer work. I am very easy to work with.

Chavy G


I have a BA in Accountancy-fiscality and business management and have experience with several bookkeeping programs, including Quick-books. As I am a quick learner, I will be able to learn any new program. I have previous experience as a secretary and I'm fluent with all Microsoft Office programs. Furthermore I have a strong English, Hebrew, French and more.

Chaya C


I am confident, professional and hardworking with a friendly disposition. I am organized and reliable and approach all work with a positive can-do attitude. I have excellent interpersonal skills and I am computer savvy with the ability to work efficiently without supervision.

Devorah B


I have excellent organisational skills and have experience with all types of secretarial roles including dealing with outsourcing, as well as professional bookkeeping. I am able to work under pressure and can quickly pick up whatever may be required to undertake new tasks. I have a good head for calculations and finances and a good memory for details.

Frumie P


Staff Accountant/Bookkeeper with 15+ years of experience including ledger processes, accounts payable/receivable, and double-entry systems. Possess a BSBA in Accounting. Seeking to utilize accounting expertise and experience in a flexible, part time Accounting/ Bookkeeping Position.

Gelle S


Hi, I am a Hard-working individual and eager to get a job done. I am detail oriented and a fast learner. I have vast computer skills and currently training in graphic design.

Malki O


I am a graphic designer with a few years of experience. I have worked on various projects for different purposes with clients around the world- in the UK, USA as well as in Israel. I have designed adverts, posters, logos, bags etc. I am currently working for an advertiser in England as well as doing some freelance work. I also have done a course in bookkeeping (AAT),  and am in the middle of completing the accounting level 3 qualification. I would very much like to have some kind of bookkeeping job at the same time in order to gain experience.  

Rikki I


I'm a mature and responsible, capable individual. I'm very enthusiastic, driven and self- motivated. Talented and accomplished, I put my all into projects and see them through with solid work, determination and perseverance.

Rivkah W


I am a hard worker who is extremely dedicated, and able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. I am able to shoulder responsibility and have worked in many different environments, and have a large range of strengths including excellent writing and PR skills and an ability to use my initiatives and to think out of the box. I am interested in a long term position.

Simcha K


I am looking for a job, preferably morning hours.