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Pay in installments throughout the project according to a schedule of goals agreed on between you and the freelancer. Payment installments will be held by Search Freelance and will only be released to the freelancer once the milestone has been reached and you are 100% satisfied.

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What Our Customers Have To Say


We are Carlton Park Property Management, a commercial property company based in the UK. As our business grew, we felt the need to recruit an admin to join our work force in providing the high quality and swift service our clients expect from us. With the position not necessarily needing to be office based, and us not wanting to commit to a large payroll, we turned to TJS.

At TJS, they were able to offer exactly what we were looking for! A candidate with all the right skills and qualifications, and the added bonus of flexibility due to the candidate working from home. With extremely reasonable prices and high quality services, we will be sure to return to TJS again in the future when we are looking to recruit again.

Carlton Park Property Management


We have used The Job Solution’s services a number of times. They have quality candidates ready to start working immediately. They did all vetting, interviews and handpicked for us the best!



We needed a proficient typist to start working immediately on a project. We approached The Job Solution. They connected us with an excellent typist who is working for us efficiently and for a very reasonable hourly wage.

Akiva K


We were looking for someone professional and experienced to do sales for our company but couldn’t find a candidate in the UK for a decent wage. Search Freelance found us a suitable candidate to work for our company remotely at a much lower wage. Great customer service and very fair agent fee.



We used Search Freelance’s services to find someone to create a website for our balloon business which we can’t wait
to begin very soon!
Search Freelance were extremely efficient, had excellent customer Service throughout and found someone who
would be a suitable candidate!
They kept us posted throughout the process and were extremely professional, all at a very fair fee!
Wishing them loads and loads of hatzlocha with expanding The job solution and look forward to doing business with them again in the future!
Balloon Creations


I contacted The Job Solution (Search Freelance) as I needed an experienced secretary with skills in various specific areas which they managed to provide me with.

The Job Solution (Search Freelance) provided me with very good customer service throughout. Their prices are fair (one time finders fee).

J. Weiss (London)


I was looking for a quality graphic designer for a while but anyone I was looking at was way above our budget.The Job Solution found us the perfect candidate saving us approximately £5000 a year.

Great customer service throughout and very low fee considering they did all vetting and interviews for me.

S. Feld
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